.NET Code Review Tips

by Santhakumar Munuswamy

  Posted on  14 April 2015



Code Review is nothing; it is a verifying and finding defects on source code in development phase. It is an improvement of source code quality to provide quality software for the developer’s in development phase. It is an available market lot of code review tools (free/paid) like FxCop, StyleCop, NDepend, CodeRush, .NET Compiler Platform and etc. You can do code review both formally and informally on your team.

The important code review areas as following

  • Provide a proper comments
  • Proper naming convention
  • Memory leaks
  • Security
  • Control Statements
  • Proper error handling
  • Thread safety
  • Performance
  • Properly use of external/internal components
  • Architecture design and units of functionality including module integration
  • Proper unit testing and integration testing


The developer’s will not follow any thing of coding convention guidelines on development phase. But code review tool will not provide a quality of software..!


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